About me

Hello, I'm Vladislav Arkatov, an Aerospace Engineer with a passion for aviation and rocketry. With a Master's degree in Aviation Gas Turbine Engines from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, I have spent several years working in the aerospace industry, designing and calculating fuel systems, performing stress calculations, and transforming my ideas in mechanical design.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience working on several engineering projects, including designing turbopumps, optimizing combustion chambers, and creating structural designs for liquid rocket engine. I have also contributed to various fuel system calculations for wide-body aircraft and performed stress and gas dynamic calculations of aviation engines.

Currently, I am working as a Process Engineer at ZeroAvia, where I focus on P&ID design for reactants supply systems, calculations, and component selection. In the past, I have worked with CR929, Ural Works of Civil Aircraft, CosmoCourse, and Central Institute of Aviation Motors.

Apart from my engineering work, I enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in aviation and rocketry. I am also an avid reader, and I enjoy traveling to new places to experience different cultures and ways of life.

Feel free to explore my portfolio to learn more about my expertise and the engineering projects I have worked on.


Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Department of gas turbines, Master's Degree



Process Engineer, Remotely

As a Process Engineer at ZeroAvia, my primary responsibility is to design Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) for reactants supply systems. I use my expertise in calculations and component selection to ensure the reliability and efficiency of these systems. By collaborating with the engineering team, I identify opportunities for process improvements and optimize the performance of the systems.



As a Fuel Systems Engineer at UWCA, I was responsible for designing, analyzing, and optimizing the fuel system of various aircraft. This was involved performing complex calculations to determine the optimal fuel tank capacity, fuel flow rate, and fuel distribution throughout the aircraft. In addition, I was overseeing the mechanical design of the fuel system, ensuring that it meets all safety and regulatory standards. As part of my role, I was also supervising the assembly and installation of the fuel system, providing guidance and support to the production team.

Ural Works of Civil Aviation

As a Fuel System Engineer at CR929, my primary responsibility was to perform calculations for the fuel system of the Chinese-Russian wide-body aircraft. I utilized my expertise in fuel system design and mechanical engineering to ensure the optimal performance, efficiency, and safety of the fuel system. I worked closely with the engineering team to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement, while also ensuring that all designs meet regulatory compliance standards.



Fuel System Engineer, Remotely

Fuel System Engineer



Stress & Design Engineer

As a Stress and Design Engineer at CosmoCourse, my primary responsibility was to develop and design liquid rocket engine for space tourism. I was involved in creating detailed stress analysis, simulations, and calculations to ensure that the engine is reliable, efficient, and safe. Additionally, I was responsible for overseeing the entire design process, from conceptualization to final product.

Central Institute of Aviation Motors



As a Stress Engineer at CIAM, my primary responsibility was to conduct stress calculations for gas turbine engines. In addition to traditional stress calculations, I was developing new approaches to optimize engine constructions. I was working closely with other members of the engineering team to design and develop innovative solutions that improve the performance and efficiency of gas turbine engines.